A Timely interview with Malcolm X, on Willie’s Cafe Radio


WH: Hello everyone, my name is William “Willie” Hanslick, and I am deeply honored and thrilled to have with me in the studio today, a Mr. Malcolm X. How are you doing today, Mr. X?

X: I’m  doing well, quite well, thank you Willie.

WH: Well, that’s good to hear, Mr.X. I find it strange to keep calling you “Mr. X”, however.

X: Oh, I don’t mind at all, Willie. Please do. Until the white man gives me back my name, my culture, and my rights – what is rightfully mine, in other words – my true name will be unknown. And so “X” is the easiest and most efficient way to call a man with no name. It is X, for Xeno, which means “stranger”.

WH: Hence, the well known term Xenophbia, the fear of strangers.

X: Yes. Xenophobia is a word that describes the moral collective psyche today, Mr. Hanslick. A fear of all things unknown. Well, I am unknown to the white man. He doesn’t know me at all, nor do I know him, and until his shackles are voluntarily or involuntarily loosed or broken from our wrists and ankles and minds, we all – black men as well as white men – will not be free.

WH: I want you to talk about your lack of a name further, Mr. X. Why do you say such a thing, if your parents in Omaha had the name: “Little”, then wouldn’t that, by default, make your name, Little, as well?

X: Not at all, Mr. Hanslick. My name given to me by my naive father was given to him by his naive father, who was given to him by my great grandfather. and so on and so forth, right down to my ancestors who were forcibly taken from their homeland. The name my father passed down to me was given to him along the bloodline from his ancestor’s slavemaster, and my father didn’t know any better. I have chosen to take an anonymous stance rather than a false one, because to me, mystery is always more true and more real than farce.

WH: But your name, in the legal documents is Little –

X: Legal documents are papers prescribed by the law that the back man and the brown man had no say in. Only whites had say in the laws back in my time. I believe it is different for you now in 2016. There are women and Asians and Blacks and Latinos in the senate and there was even a black president! This was great to find out. Though I hear tell – after I got out of the time machine, I thought it was 1930 again when I heard someone say in passing that the Ku Klux Klan had endorsed the now current president of the United States. And I was like, ‘did the time machine work? What happened?’ In any case, the rule of law might be different now, but the moral and ethical atmosphere of Amerikkka has stayed the same, especially in the south, it seems.

WH: Can you talk about what might happen in the future, Malcolm?

X: I’m no prophet or psychic, Mr. Hanslick. I can only watch and intuit what will happen. I see racism has put on a new mask over the past several decades. But now I believe that racism again has finally shed its winter coat, and the chickens have come home to roost, and the wolves and the foxes have come to eat them. There are no tricks. There is blatancy in the slaughter. I think that people will see Amerikkka’s greatest evils as what they are, and not in their disguised forms any longer. So people will finally know who their friends are and will know who dislikes them.The evil has come back to the surface, I believe.

WH: I know there has been a lot of shootings of African Americans in the past years. Obviously, this is not the thing you would have liked to seen, and I’m sure your friend and contemporary Martin Luther King Jr. would agree. How can you compare the 1960’s civil rights movement and prior to the political climate of today?

X: It is like Ursala said in One Hundred Years of Solitude. Time does not move in a linear line, it moves cyclically. The proof is in the pudding, Willie.

If America is ever to become a purely peaceful nation, untainted with the cancer of racism, then we need to do our research and stay informed. I’ve heard that America’s new president raped a thirteen year old girl. If the allegations are true, clearly we don’t care about any of our beautiful children’s well-being, girls or boys, black or asian or white, etc. He wants to deport the Mexican immigrants? He will have to learn how to survive without eating a single bean, without a single piece of bread or vegetable for four to eight years, if he is successful. Because without them, we will starve, as they currently tow the fields and make the crops. As one of your contemporary DJs has expressed: America is not riding on a white stallion like Napoleon Bonaparte, in the glorified picture of our nation. In that picture – if verisimilitude is significant at all – we would be riding on the back of an old Mexican lady. Because they make all the food for us.

WH: I can only imagine the frustration that you feel, Malcolm. You and Martin’s sacrifices must seem in vain, Angela Davis’ time in prison, all the painstaking work you’ve done to learn to read and write – it is correct you’re self-taught at literacy?

X: That is correct.

WH: Do you consider it moot, now?

X: No, I don’t really believe so. I believe that my work was not in vain. You all have great technology in order to access the information necessary to stay informed. Our movement, and the movement of the peaceful protests of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., can now be made known to teenage girls and boys from all walks of life and all races. Why, I bet you a young Chinese American man is typing up the transcript of this, our interview as we speak right here today, I will put money on the table that he is doing so!

And so you see, I am not so pessimistic about the future. Exposure is a key element to undermining evil in a society.

WH: Malcolm, one last thing before you go. And I want to vmake it clear that I am not pulling your leg: What is your greatest regret as a spokesman for Afro-American unity, as a former member of the Nation of Islam, and as an activist?

X: (After thinking a bit) I regret not spending more time with my family. I do not point the finger at anyone, least of all my parents, but my Father was murdered when I was six, and my mother confined to the  sterile confinements a mental institiuion when I was thirteen. I was an orphan. I believe, back in my time, that I have little longer to live. I no longer have any opportunity to ea,k away from Allah’s work now. But I do regret not going to my daughter’s basketball games, or meeting their boyfriends, or sitting down with them and asking them what they did at school every day. I would like everyone to have that opportunity one day, if they so chose to take advantage of it.

WH: IT’s been a pleasure. Malcolm X, everyone.

Say tuned for next week’s broadcast. I have a guest on Willie’s Cafe that will show you the great modifications I made to our new time machine. The one and only inventor of Tai Chi, Zhang San Feng, will joining us on Willie’s Cafe. This is brought to you in part by the James Joyce Association for the Arts, where the Status Quo is little fly on the Wall, and in part by Mystery Meats, the Non profit corporation for controversial people’s dissemination of thoughts and ideas across the nation and the globe. Only here on 107.5 the End in San Francisco! Stay tuned for some King Sunny Ade!

King Sunny Ade


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